Air crash in Pakistan: 57 people became victims of the tragedy, two survived

Фото - Авиакатастрофа в Пакистане

According to one of the survivors, before the crash, the plane began to shake violently

At least 57 people became victims of the crash of an Airbus A320-214 by Pakistan International Airlines, which crashed into a residential area of ​​the capital of Pakistan, Karachi. This, with reference to the information publication Dawn, reports the portal PI on Friday, May 22.

According to updated data, 99 people were on board – 91 passengers and eight crew members. At the moment, it is not known whether the dead are team members or passengers of the aircraft, or whether there are casualties among the population.

According to preliminary information, the plane of flight PK8303, performing the flight on the route Lahore – Karachi, crashed several kilometers from the capital of the country, crashed into a residential area. The liner hit the ground with the tail, therefore, those who were in the front compartments of the ship survived.

Currently, two survivors are known – one has four fractures, the other has burns of 35% of the body. Their condition is assessed as stable. According to one of the survivors, before the crash, the Airbus began to shake violently.

The media reported that before the crash, the pilot informed the dispatcher about the loss of the engine, after which he sent a distress signal.

The rescue operation at the crash site of PK8303 continues.