The first case of coronavirus  COVID-2019 detected in Ukraine

Коронавирус в Украине

The case of infection is confirmed in a resident of the Chernivtsi region, who returned from abroad

The chief sanitary doctor of Ukraine Viktor Lyashko said that the first case of coronavirus COVID-2019 was recorded in Ukraine. This, with reference to a briefing by a representative of the Ministry of Health of the country, reports the PI portal on Tuesday, March 3.

According to Lyashko, the coronavirus was recorded in a man who traveled with his wife to Italy, after which he returned to the Chernivtsi region.

Victor Lyashko:

“At the airport, temperature screening was carried out, the person’s temperature was normal. After that, he returned to the Chernivtsi region. An additional temperature screening was carried out in the Chernivtsi region, a questionnaire was filled out per person, and a self-isolation certificate was issued, as the person traveled to countries in which cases of COVID-2019 were recorded”.

“People listened to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, which are written in the memo on self-isolation, and after returning from Italy, they did not meet with their loved ones. They were self-insulated in their apartment, ”said the chief medical officer of Ukraine.

Two days after the start of self-isolation, the man had the first symptoms.

Victor Lyashko:

“During the medical examination, biological materials were taken for research. First, on March 1, testing was carried out by quick tests for influenza A and B. After that, testing was carried out for influenza by the polymerase chain reaction method and samples were taken, which were delivered to the virology laboratory. Yesterday (March 2) I said that we had four cases with suspicion (of a coronavirus), today this suspicion was confirmed in one person”.

Lyashko added that the man could not be hospitalized, but since this is the first case of coronavirus in the country, in order to prevent further spread, it was decided to place him in the hospital.

The patient has a fever and a dry cough – no pneumonia.

The closest contact person of the sick person – the wife – is in self-isolation in the apartment in constant contact and, in case of symptoms, will also be hospitalized.