Ship with 14 thousand sheep rolled over off the coast of Romania


Rescuers managed to bring some of the animals ashore

The Queen Hind freighter, carrying 14,000 sheep, rolled over near the port of Midia, barely moving away from the shores of Romania. About this, with reference to the informational edition of the BBC, reports the PI portal on Monday, November 25.

All 22 crew members saved. One of them was hospitalized with hypothermia.

The police, firefighters and navy of the country participate in the rescue operation. Part of the animals that swam in the sea was saved. Rescuers suggest that most sheep drowned.

The ship was heading from the Romanian port to the city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.


Earlier, the information and analytical portal PI reported that a video of an accident appeared on the network involving a car of the children’s ombudsman Mykola Kuleba.