Flood in France: the number of victims of the elements increased to four people

Наводнение во Франции

The element caused by lingering rains

Four people have become victims of large-scale floods in France caused by lingering rains. This, with reference to the local media, reports the portal PI on Monday, November 25.

All the dead were found in the Var department in the south of the country.

The last victims of the flood were an elderly couple – their bodies were found in a car. Prior to this, during the rescue operation, a boat overturned with three firefighters and three civilians. One of the citizens disappeared and was considered missing. Later, his body was discovered near the scene. Another dead was found in a car in the city of Cabassa.

Over the past two days, a two-three-month rainfall has hit the southern regions of the country. Because of this, local rivers overflowed, flooding the surroundings.

Previously, the PI information and analytical portal reported a massive flood in Venice.