Trans-march in Kyiv: police arrested six opponents of the action (photo, video)

The action was held on Mikhailovskaya square of the capital

During a rally dedicated to the International Day of Remembrance of Transgender People Who Killed Due to Transphobia, in Kyiv, Police detained six people protesting the event. This was reported by the PI portal on Saturday, November 23.

The action was held on Mikhailovskaya Square in Kyiv. According to the organizers, only last year 331 people died due to transphobia. The list of countries where this happened does not include Ukraine, but this does not mean that there were no such cases in the country. According to experts, transgender communities in Ukraine are very closed and such facts are simply not reported. International Memorial Day is celebrated on November 20.

Opponents of the rally to commemorate Memorial Day arrived. In their opinion, the event should not have been held on Memorial Day for the victims of the Holodomor and near the cathedral. Some of the opponents of the rally held flags of the nationalist organization Tradition and Order. Protesters threw eggs at the police guarding the event, chanting obscene slogans. The police detained six protesters, bringing them to the police station for a legal assessment of their actions.

Earlier, the information and analytical portal PI reported on the veche “We Have Dignity”, held on Independence Square in Kiev.