Protests in Georgia: police used water cannons

Протесты в Грузии

There was information about the first victims

During the dispersal of demonstrators in Georgia, police used water cannons. This, with reference to the local media, reports the PI portal on Monday, November 18.

The first time the special forces used water cannons on Zubalashvili Street. Before this, protesters were warned about the need to disperse. After the use of the water jet, some of the demonstrators left the place of confrontation with law enforcement officers.

After the second use of the water cannon, law enforcement forces managed to unlock the exits from the parliament building.

At least one person was injured during confrontations with the police. Several people were detained. The police removed the tents set by the protesters.

Protests in Georgia began on November 17 after parliament rejected electoral reform. More than 20 political parties took their supporters to the streets. The picketers completely blocked the parliament building, blocking all three entrances to it.

Протесты в Грузии Протесты в Грузии Протесты в Грузии Протесты в Грузии Протесты в Грузии