Editorial policy

The PI Information and Analytical Portal project is the work of a team of independent free-thinking journalists who do not “create a picture of the day” but impartially relay the news flow. From global events to local news – we objectively transmit information without speaking on any side. The main criteria for the content of the PI portal are compliance with the letter of the law, the standards of journalistic ethics and universal morality. We do not represent any political force, do not defend anyone’s worldviews and do not lobby for business or other interests.

At the same time, the analytical part of the PI portal contains materials, one way or another, reflecting the opinion and position of the author. Responsibility for the accuracy of the information presented, as well as the conclusions made from it, rests directly with the author of the publication. The editors may not share the opinion of the author.

Information and analytical portal PI reserves the right to post advertising materials, including on political forces and their representatives, commercial structures, civil, charitable and other organizations. Responsibility for advertising information lies with the advertiser. All such materials are marked with the text ADVERTISING RIGHTS.

All rights to the materials of the PI portal belong to the publisher. With their full or partial use, a link (for Internet publications – a hyperlink open to search engines) to the information and analytical portal PI.